About us

The Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery are now called Revenue NSW.

Revenue NSW is a division within the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation which is part of the Treasury and Finance Cluster.

As NSW’s principal revenue management agency, Revenue NSW fairly administers State taxation and revenue for, and on behalf of, the people of NSW. We manage fines and administer grants and subsidies to provide valuable assistance to the community and businesses across NSW. We also recover debt to provide an equitable outcome for the community.

Our revenue management helps to deliver government priorities for a fair, safe and prosperous NSW. This includes securing around $30 billion towards the State Budget each year, which goes towards health, education and other services for NSW.

We can help you with information and support if you are:

  • paying taxes, duties, levies, fines, fees or royalties
  • buying or selling property (grants, taxes, duties and housing affordability measures)
  • applying for small business or first home benefits
  • finding and claiming unclaimed money.

More about Revenue NSW

The name of Revenue NSW came into effect on 31 July 2017. All functions, administrative and legislative powers continue under this name. As we make updates to our systems and information, you may see references to the Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery.

To learn more, and discover some recent initiatives for our customers, please refer to the media announcement introducing Revenue NSW.

Our ABN is 77 456 270 638.

Watch these videos that explain who we are and what we do.

Our customer charter

Each time you deal with Revenue NSW, we want you to receive professional service from us that is fair, accountable, responsive and informed. The Revenue NSW Customer Charter is our public commitment of what to expect from us. Developed in consultation with customers and staff, the Charter also includes what we would expect from you so we can best meet your needs.

Your feedback helps us to continually improve the customer experiences we deliver.

View the Revenue NSW Customer Charter.

Our vision

A highly capable and connected organisation delivering the Government's priorities through our core functions of revenue management to ensure a safe, fair and prosperous New South Wales.

Our values

We have five key values:

  • collaboration
  • achievement
  • service
  • integrity
  • innovation.

Our pillars

Our pillars are:

  • Client Experience - make it easy for clients to do business with us.
  • People and Culture - capable and engaged workforce.
  • Compliance - maximise compliance.
  • Processes and Systems - processes and systems meet the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Growth and Innovation - innovate to renew services and processes and expand our service offering.

Our strategic plan

The Revenue NSW Strategic Plan sets out our future direction and goals to June 2021.

Our year in review

The 2016-17 Year in Review outlines our performance and key achievements of the past year.

Here is a snapshot of just some of our 2016-17 achievements:

  • Collecting $29.4 billion in Crown Revenue – which goes towards the state budget for a range of essential services such as hospitals and education.
  • Reuniting more than 6,000 people with a total of $15.4 million in unclaimed money during the previous financial year.
  • Providing 270 free webinars and seminars on topics such as taxes, levies, State budget changes and Work and Development Orders (WDO) to more than 12,600 people in 50 locations across the state, including regional areas.
  • Providing 16,355 New Home Grants.
  • Supporting small business investment and jobs growth in NSW by providing $4.3 million in grants and $161 million in rebates through the Small Business Grant Incentive and Jobs Action Plan schemes
  • Boosting digital transactions including:
    • a 50 per cent increase in land tax returns lodged online.
    • increased use of eNominations, an online service which lets you nominate the driver responsible for an offence without needing to do the paper based process involving a statutory declaration. This is set to increase again this year with a new mobile friendly interface.
  • Providing extra penalty notice reminders by SMS and email to save customers an enforcement fee.
  • Satisfying more than $27 million in fines through WDOs, which support eligible customers to reduce their fine by undertaking unpaid work with an approved organisation or by undertaking certain courses or treatment.
  •  Launching our co-lab to directly involve customers and stakeholders in designing service and process improvements and generating initiatives to best address their needs.
  • Introducing a range of initiatives to improve payroll tax auditing including:
    • improving the way we communicate with customers during an audit and providing feedback on how the audit is progressing
    • piloting a ‘light touch’ approach for smaller, low risk customers
    • updating our website with common errors found when we audit to help customers avoid errors in the future
    • piloting a reminder letter to customers to help them complete their 2017 annual return correctly
    • surveying audited customers to help us improve our processes. In June 2017, 87 per cent of customers were overall satisfied with the process.
Last updated: 16 August 2018