Land tax

Land tax online services available. Use the service to:

  • register for land tax
  • view your property details and land values
  • tell us if you have purchased or sold a property
  • request a new exemption or update a current exemption
  • update your postal and contact details
  • view or print your current assessment (existing clients only).
  • pay online

Clearance certificate updates

Log in to clearance certificate updates to :

  • print a copy of a clearance certificate
  • update and print a copy of your certificate once the land tax payment and/or return details have been processed by Revenue NSW.

To log in, you will need your:

  • Enquiry ID
  • Correspondence ID

A certificate may still show a land tax charge if we have reason to believe you are a foreign person and may be liable for Land Tax Surcharge. If this information is incorrect, you should go online and advise us that you are not foreign.

The online service is available for all certificates issued in the past 13 months and will provide you with a copy of an existing certificate or an update of the existing certificate for the same tax year.

Payments made to us through a financial institution, Australia Post or by credit card are generally processed overnight. Please ensure you have allowed sufficient time for the payment to be processed prior to requesting a new version of the clearance certificate.

If your certificate still shows a land tax charge after requesting a new version, contact us. You can find out more on the clearance certificate page.

Terms and conditions

By accessing the clearance certificate update facility, I agree that I will not:

  • use the information for any purpose other than its intended use
  • knowingly contravene the provisions of any privacy legislation governing the use of information.

Last updated: 5 March 2018