Unclaimed money search and claim guidelines

Searching for unclaimed money


Use Search if you know or think you know the name of a person who has an unclaimed money amount(s).

Enter a name in the ‘Owner's name’ field, enter the Security check code and select the ‘Submit’ button. Revenue NSW will search its database to find any listings that match the name you provide.

A list of names and unclaimed money amounts will be displayed.

Advanced search

Use Advanced search if you know any extra details about the unclaimed money amount you want to find:

Owner's street name

The street address used by the owner of the money in the relevant time period.

Claim type

The type of money, or the legislation, under which the unclaimed money amount was received, e.g. Legal Profession Act, Unclaimed Money Act, Property Stock and Business Agents Act.

Organisation name

Name of the business or enterprise which sent the money to Revenue NSW.

Entering an owner's name is mandatory in the search and advanced search. We suggest you enter the family name, e.g. Smith or variations of the full name e.g. Smith John, John Smith, Smith J etc.

Search results

The search result displays the following details:

Owner's name

The name of the owner (or owners) exactly as it was provided to Revenue NSW.

Last known address

The last known address of the owner of the money as it was given to Revenue NSW by the organisation that lodged the unclaimed money.

Amount (AUD)

The amount sent to Revenue NSW, belonging to the owner.


Additional details relating to the item of money.

Making a claim

Note: You must have an Australian bank account to lodge a claim online.

  1. Select the unclaimed money item(s) displayed in the search results that you want to claim and then select the ‘Submit a claim’ button.

  2. Complete the claim form and select the ‘Submit’ button.

  3. An email will be sent to you which will provide:

    • the Claim Acknowledgement Form for completion
    • the Unclaimed Money Estate Report (where applicable) for completion
    • instructions on how to complete your claim.
  4. Please supply copies of the required documents to prove that you are the rightful owner. Send your claim and documents to:

    GPO Box 4042
    Sydney NSW 2001

  5. When we have verified your claim, the money will be paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into the nominated account.

Proof of identity

Provide one document from each of the three categories for each owner and claimant (three documents in total for each person).

Revenue NSW will verify the documents submitted. If we can not verify the documents, we may ask for additional documents.

Do not send original documents, please send copies.

Note: where the owner's name has changed from the name shown on Revenue NSW's records, please attach proof of change of name e.g. a copy of a marriage certificate or other document.

Category 1 – Claimant’s identity and date of birth

  • an Australian birth certificate issued by the Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
  • current passport
  • current Australian driver licence.

Category 2 – Operating in the community

  • Medicare card
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Centrelink card
  • Department of Veterans Affairs card
  • Health care card.

Category 3 – Current residential address

  • current utility documents (e.g. electricity, phone or gas bills)
  • current bank statements
  • current rate notice
  • current residential lease agreement.

Proof of a connection to the last known address held by Revenue NSW

Provide one document showing a connection to the last known address. For example a copy of:

  • a council rate notice, or
  • electricity or gas bill, or
  • correspondence with the enterprise that lodged the unclaimed money with Revenue NSW.

Proof of a relevant link to the enterprise that lodged the unclaimed money with Revenue NSW

Provide one document showing a connection to the enterprise. For example a copy of:

  • correspondence from the enterprise, or
  • statements, or
  • share certificates, or
  • premium certificates.

Claim submitted by an individual for money held in a company name

In addition to the supporting evidence requested in categories 1, 2 and 3, the claimant will need to supply:

  • an original letter of authority issued by the company. The letter must state the person's position within the organisation e.g. secretary, business proprietor.
  • an ASIC company search confirming the person's position within the organisation.

Note: Depending on the circumstances of your claim, additional supporting evidence may be required.

Claims submitted for money held in the name of a deceased estate

Complete the Unclaimed Money Estate Report (OUM008).

Processing your claim

We will wait to receive the extra information required in order to verify and pay your claim.

If we do not receive this within 30 days, we will close your claim.

Other contacts

State Revenue Office, Vic
13 21 61
Public Trustee & Guardian
Unclaimed Money
(02) 6207 9800
Northern Territory
Department of Treasury and Finance
1300 305 353
Public Trustees Office
1300 360 044
South Australia
Treasury and Finance
(08) 8226 9500
Treasury and Finance
(03) 6166 4444
Western Australia
Department of Treasury
Unclaimed Money
(08) 6551 2777
Australian Taxation Office
Superannuation Lost Members Register:
13 10 20
Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)
Savings, life insurance and shares:
1300 300 630
Last updated: 19 February 2018