Natural disaster duty relief

The NSW Government will provide duty relief to eligible applicants on the replacement of motor vehicles written off due to declared natural disasters in specified areas.

We can also:

  • extend the time to lodge documents or returns with our office
  • temporarily defer fines-related actions
  • extend existing time to pay arrangements
  • extend the time for amounts to be paid without interest being charged
  • arrange for debts to be paid by instalments.

Duty relief will apply to all declared natural disaster areas.

Are there any condition on receiving the relief?

Refunds will only be made where the written off vehicle, being replaced, was comprehensively insured and the insurance does not cover stamp duty for a replacement vehicle. Refunds only apply when duty is paid in NSW.

The refund amount will be the duty payable on the lower of:

  • the cost of the replacement vehicle
  • the value of the insurance payment for the vehicle written off.

How do I apply for the relief?

Following payment of the stamp duty on the replacement vehicle you can submit a Duty relief application form ODA053 (PDF)

The application must be submitted with:

  • a settlement letter from the relevant insurance company, confirming that the vehicle was written off due to a declared natural disaster
  • evidence of the cost of the replacement vehicle
  • evidence of payment of duty on the replacement vehicle, such as registration certificate of the replacement vehicle.

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Last updated: 24 July 2017