Lodging for assessment

We recommend that you use a solicitor or converyancer for all your conveyancing transactions. They will handle your full transaction, including processing payment of any duties.

If you do not have a solicitor or conveyancer, visit:

  • the Law Society of NSW to search for registered solicitors
  • the Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division (AICNSW) to search for licensed conveyancers.

CAUTION: Do-it-yourself conveyancing

If you choose to do your own conveyancing, research the requirements and be aware of the risks involved. Make sure you fully understand the sale process and relevant legislation.

If you do your own conveyancing:

  • you take on all the responsibility for the sale progressing in a legal manner

  • you will be personally liable if there is a problem. This may include liability for any losses suffered by the vendor as a result of errors you make

  • you could encounter technical or legal issues

  • it also may also be difficult for you to purchase the same level of insurance available to a licensed conveyancer or solicitor.

  • you may also need expert advice from an experienced practitioner, such as help understanding certain terms in your sale contract are reasonable

  • we cannot provide any legal advice.

Settlement rooms for do-it-yourself conveyancing

Approved settlement rooms provide over the counter facilities for do-it-yourself conveyancing, including processing duties transactions and payment of duties. Take your completed documentation to one of the following Settlement rooms:

Posting your own documentation

You can also submit documentation via post to:

Revenue NSW
GPO Box 4042
Sydney NSW 2001

Applications are processed in the order they are received. An assessment is issued and then documents are returned once the payment is received.

See Pay your transfer duty for how to make a payment.

Still not sure what to do

Our client service officers can help you with your query. Call the duties enquiries line.

Last updated: 19 June 2018