Reconciling your 2018 payroll tax: Grouped companies


Getting ready to do your Payroll tax annual reconciliation.

If you pay wages that exceed the NSW payroll tax threshold... are required to lodge an annual reconciliation by 21 July each financial year.

Here are a few tips help complete your reconciliation accurately.

Before you begin, gather the information you need, including:

  • Client ID and Correspondence ID – from your most recent payroll tax letter or booklet
  • NSW wages
  • Interstate wages
  • Apprentices and new entrant trainees wages 
  • Grouping information
  • ‘Tax paid’ records, if you have made monthly payments.

You will also need to know whether your company is grouped for payroll tax purposes. Check the definition of related companies on the Payroll tax Grouping page of our website.

To log in, use your client ID and correspondence ID from your most recent payroll tax letter or booklet.

You will also be asked to enter ‘challenge text’ to proceed.

If you cannot read the challenge text, choose a new one by selecting ‘Click to get a new challenge.’

All mandatory questions are marked with an asterix.

Enter your details in the relevant field.

When you have completed the questions…

…selecting ‘Save’ is the only way to save any data you have entered.

If you are part of a group, you must select ‘Yes’ for the grouping question.

To proceed, select ‘Next’.

You will be asked ‘How many times did your group structure change during the employing period?’. If you had no group structure changes, you must enter ‘zero’ (‘0’). If there have been changes, you need to put in how many times the group structure changed, then select ‘Enter’, and key in the start and end dates for these changes and choose your group status using the drop-down menu under ‘Status’.

If you have entered an incorrect number for the group structure changes, you can select the ‘Reset’ button and re-enter the correct amount. To change the group status, use the ‘Previous’ button.

Under ‘Enter group details’, type in the client IDs of all other NSW group members. If there are interstate-only members in the group, fill in the ‘Number of interstate only clients’ field.

If you indicated that you are a single lodger, you must enter the ‘Number of non-lodging members in the group’ in that field.

If you choose to use monthly calculator figures by selecting ‘Yes’, the figures you have entered throughout the year will be pre-populated.

If your status changed throughout the year, the ‘Wage details’ fields for each change will be in separate columns.

If you choose not to use the ‘Monthly calculator figures’ you will have to enter wage figures for all the columns.

New - If you claim the tax free threshold and are grouped with another business, you must include their wages in your annual return. Wages paid by other group members in any Australian State or Territory are part of the group’s total Australian wages. These determine the group’s NSW threshold entitlement .

You will also need to include an estimate of the monthly wages…

…for the following financial year.

To proceed, select ‘Next.’

If you are a single lodger, enter the wage details of all the members you are lodging on behalf of.

Any payments you have made throughout the year will be displayed against each return period.

A summary of the calculations is available to confirm you have entered the correct details.

If your tax payable is more than the payments received, it will show you the amount outstanding.

If your tax payable is less than the payments received, it will show you the refund amount.

For a more detailed summary, select ‘Show tax calculation details.’

If you are due a refund, you will need to give an explanation why you are requesting a refund in the ‘Provide a detailed explanation’ box…

…and you will need to enter your bank account details.

Once you have entered your refund details, select ‘Lodge’ to lodge your return.

If you need to make a payment to finalise your Annual Reconciliation…

…you need to select ‘Lodge’ to receive your payment options.

Choose ‘Register’ to pay via direct debit or choose ‘Other payment options’ to use EFT, BPAY, credit card, or to pay at Australia Post.

Once you have lodged, you will receive a confirmation by email.

You can select ‘Print a confirmation of lodgement,’ or ‘Generate PDF of reconciliation’ to save an electronic copy.

You can also choose ‘Cancellation of registration’ if you are no longer liable for payroll tax.

For more information about payroll tax and the Annual Reconciliation, go to the Revenue NSW website at

Last updated: 14 June 2018