Your assessment notice

I’ve received an assessment – what now?

Your notice of assessment should list all NSW land you owned at midnight on 31 December of the previous year. The assessment notice will also include any exempt land you own and your interest in jointly owned land.  

Before you pay your assessment you should check it to confirm all the details are correct. Make sure:

  • All the land you own is listed
  • You have not received an exemption for land that is not eligible
  • Land you no longer own has not been included
  • Land that has been granted an exemption has been highlighted as exempt, including your principal place of residence.
  • Your foreign status is updated

If you have found an error or your details are incorrect, you should go online to update your details. Any variation you make must be submitted before the first instalment date listed on the notice of assessment, or if it is a ‘nil’ assessment, within 40 days of the date shown on the notice of assessment.

If land tax is still payable, you should pay the first instalment as per your assessment. You will be issued with a revised assessment, with any payments credited or any excess refunded.

I have received two or more individual assessments?

You should only receive one individual assessment notice. If you receive more than one individual assessment, you must go online to let us know so we can correct your records. If you jointly own land you will receive a separate joint assessment notice.

How am I assessed for land tax if I am a joint owner?

If you own land with others, you are a joint owner. We assess joint owners for land tax in two stages:

  1. Joint ownership assessment:

    We assess all of the joint owners together, on all of their jointly owned land as though they were an individual. Each unique combination of owners is considered a different joint ownership.

  2. Individual assessment:

    We then assess each member of the joint ownership individually for all of their interests in taxable land. Your individual assessment lists all the land you own. This includes any land you own by yourself, jointly with others, or as a notified or nominated beneficiary of certain trusts.

Am I paying double?

To prevent double taxation on land included in both a joint and individual assessment, a deduction is applied to the individual assessment that relates to the individual’s interest in the jointly owned land.

Calculating the deduction

The allowable deduction is the lesser of the following two amounts:

(Interest of individual in joint ownership / Total land value of joint ownership) x Tax on joint ownership


(Interest of individual in joint ownership / Total land value of individual) x Tax on individual

This amount is deducted from the total amount of land tax assessed in the individual assessment.

Example using 2018 rates

Bill and Kate jointly own property 1 with a land value of $800,000. Bill owns property 2 individually which has a land value of $300,000.

Bill will receive a joint assessment with Kate for property 1 and an individual assessment on his share in this property plus property 2.

Calculation 1

($400,000 / $800,000) x $2,836 = $1,418


Calculation 2

($400,000 / $700,000) x $1,236 = $706.30

Bill’s allowable deduction is $706.30, so his total land tax payable will be:

$1,236 - $706.30 = $529.70

What if I disagree with my land tax assessment?

If the details on your land tax assessment are incorrect (e.g. you are incorrectly listed as a landowner or land is listed that you believe should be exempt) you need to update your details with us. You can do this online or by contacting us.

If you disagree with your assessment, you have the right to lodge an objection to the Chief Commissioner within 60 days of the date of assessment.

To lodge an objection, submit an Application for Objection form.

If you are objecting to more than one assessment, you will need to lodge a separate objection for each assessment.

An independent review will be conducted and a written decision will be sent to you as soon as possible.

If you disagree, you are entitled to request a review of the decision. The review request must be submitted with either the Administrative Decisions Tribunal or the Supreme Court within 60 days of the date you received our written decision.

Note: even if you are making an objection you will still need to pay your land tax or you may be charged interest on any outstanding liability. If your objection is successful, you will receive a refund.


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