Emergency services levy

Emergency Services Levy

If you are a local council, an insurance company or if you hold a policy with a foreign insurer, this page will help you with information about how we collect funds under the Emergency Services Levy (ESL).

Revenue NSW is now responsible for collecting and sending funds to Treasury to support the work of emergency services in NSW. Previously, these funds were collected by the Office of Emergency Management.

From local councils we collect quarterly payments that account for 11.7 per cent of the costs of fire and emergency services in NSW.

From all insurers of property in NSW, we collect the levy that is paid as part of insurance premiums.

What you need to do

Councils and insurers must make arrangements to pay the levy by the due date.

Secure portals allows councils and insurers to:

  • update their details, including contact and account information
  • update their payment details.

New insurers must contact us by email within 30 days of becoming entitled to receive premiums for property in NSW.

All insurers, including foreign insurers and all who hold a policy with a foreign insurer must lodge a return with us by 30 September each year, showing the premium/s paid in the previous financial year – email us to discuss what you need to do.

Let us know if you are experiencing difficulty logging into or using the system.

If you fail to pay the full amount by the due date, interest will accrue and collection activity will commence.

About council contributions

NSW Government legislation requires councils to pay an annual council contribution. Councils are required to make instalment payments and will receive both an assessment notice and an instalment notice. The amount of the contribution is set by each emergency service and enquiries should be directed to them:

Property in NSW

Property in NSW may include:

  • any insurance of property including consequential loss
  • house owners and householders, however designated (buildings or contents or both)
  • personal combined on personal jewellery and clothing, personal effects and works of art
  • motor vehicle and motor cycle
  • marine and baggage—any insurance confined to maritime perils or confined to risks involving transportation on land or in the air, including storage incidental to transportation by sea, land or air, but not including static risks*:
    • combined fire and hail on growing crops
    • livestock.

*Static risks includes all movements of goods and/or stock and/or material associated with processing or storage operations at any situation.

Foreign insurers and foreign insured persons

Some property in NSW is insured with companies that are not registered in Australia. These companies are known as foreign insurers. If your insurer is not on this list, your insurer is a foreign insurer and you are a foreign insured person.

If you are insured with a foreign insurer and your insurer does not pay the Emergency Services Levy portion of your premium to us, we have the power to collect it directly from you. In this case, you would need to contact your insurer to seek a refund.

For any questions about the levy amount applied to an insurance premium, contact your insurer.


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