State ambulance insurance plan

State ambulance insurance plan

The State Ambulance Insurance Plan provides ambulance services to contributors who pay a fee to be part of the plan.

We collect all payments to the plan, less commission, from authorised agents.


Who is a contributor to the plan?

A contributor to the plan can be anyone who is not:

  • a contributor to a health benefit fund

  • a person who is exempt from the payment of fees for the provision of ambulance services under the Ambulance Services Act 1976.

The amount contributors pay to the plan is regulated and family memberships are required to be an amount equal to twice the rate paid by single memberships.

Who is an authorised agent under the plan?

An authorised agent is approved by the Minster of Health to collect contributions and perform other functions under the plan. The following organisations are authorised agents:

  • NIB Health Funds Limited
  • Westfund Limited
  • Australian Health Management Group Pty Limited
  • Grand United Corporate Health Limited.

When are returns due?

Authorised agents must lodge a return by the 15th day of the month and pay the appropriate amount.

How is the monthly amount calculated?

The following formula is used to calculate the month amount payable each month:

A = (S + 2F) x C x D x 1/7 – E


A is the amount in dollars to be paid to the Chief Commissioner.

S is the number of single membership contributors at the beginning of the month.

F is the number of family membership contributors at the beginning of the month.

C is the regulated amount contributors pay.

D is the number of days in the month.

E is the authorised agent’s commission on contributions for the month.

Last updated: 17 July 2018