Frequent questions

What is ROS?

Royalty Online Services (ROS) is the online returns system for the lodgement of mineral royalty to Revenue NSW.

How do I access ROS?

ROS can be accessed by adding the ROS access link to your internet browser. Enter your user name and password to log into ROS.

New users will need to request user access to ROS by submitting a completed User Access Form to Revenue NSW. Once your ROS account is set up you will receive a confirmation email with your user name and password.

I have forgotten my password to ROS. How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you may request a temporary password online. Simply navigate to Royalty Online Services and select the ‘Forgotten Password’ link.

Can I use my Auskey login to access ROS?

Yes. Contact us to set up your Auskey login for ROS.

Can I access ROS using my laptop, tablet, iPad or smart phone?

Yes. ROS can be accessed with any mobile device that has internet access.

I lodge royalty returns for multiple operations, do I need a different user name and password for each operation?

No, your ROS access will be linked to all operations where you are the authorised person for the lodgement of royalty return(s). Ensure you list all operations on the ROS User Access form and we will set up one username and password.

How do I lodge a royalty return in ROS?

For step by step instructions on how to navigate and lodge a return in ROS, refer to our ROS User Guides.

Does ROS provide an online payment facility?

Yes, from 4 July 2016 ROS accepts payment of your royalty online. For all payment options, please visit the Pay Mineral Royalties page.

I have never lodged a royalty return online, do I need to use ROS?

Yes, from 1 July 2015 all mineral royalty clients are required to lodge royalty returns using Royalty Online Services.

How do I lodge my annual return?

Your annual return will be lodged in Royalty Online Services. For step by step instructions on how to navigate and lodge your annual return, refer to our ROS User Guides.

I can’t access Online Services

If you are unable to access the online system due to internet connectivity limitations contact us to discuss an alternative arrangement to lodge your royalty returns.

Where alternate lodgement arrangements have been agreed with Revenue NSW, send your return by mail to us.

How do I access my return information prior to 1 July 2015?

If you have previously been granted access to the former return lodgement system RIMS, you will continue to have ‘read only’ access to RIMS.

‘Read Only’ access means that you will be able to view returns previously submitted in RIMS but will not be able to lodge or revise returns from 1 July 2015 onwards.

For information on RIMS, contact the Department of Planning and Environment, Resources and Geoscience on (02) 4931 6436 or

How do I make a payment that is not for royalty?

Continue to make your non royalty payments (for example rental, licence or publication fees) to the Department of Planning and Environment, Resources and Geoscience as you currently do.

Who should I contact if I have a query relating to what information I need to include in my return?

Contact the Department of Planning and Environment, Resources and Geoscience for any questions you may have relating to ‘what’ information to include in your return e.g. If you have a query such as ‘what levies can I include in my deductions?’ or ‘what are invoiced purchases?’.

Do I need to lodge a return for each lease, extraction method and mineral?

Yes. Within ROS you will see a list of returns due for lodgement. It is a legislative requirement that returns must be lodged per lease, per extraction method or per mineral.

Do I need to lodge a return in ROS if there is no royalty payable for the return period?

Yes. ROS provides a quick and easy process of adding a nil return. Refer to the ROS user guides for step by step instructions for lodging a nil return.

How do I lodge multiple nil returns?

You are able to lodge multiple nil returns for multiple leases, extraction methods and/or minerals with a few easy steps in ROS rather than having to enter each nil return individually.

Refer to the user guide Royalty Online Services - Multiple Nil Return Lodgement for step by step instructions.

I cannot see all leases, extraction methods or minerals in ROS for the operations I need to lodge returns for?

ROS will list leases, extraction methods and minerals you are authorised to lodge royalty return(s) for. If you are not seeing all relevant operations/leases/extraction methods or minerals, contact us.

How can I update my contact details in ROS?

Changes to contact details can be made by contacting us.

In ROS, I am seeing negative figures or figures are showing on my return that I have not entered. Why is this happening?

As you enter the information into the ROS return screens, the system starts to use the figures you are entering to calculate the royalty and populate other fields within the return. Continue entering details and once all figures are entered, the system will complete the royalty calculations.

Once the royalty payable is calculated in ROS (shown at the base of the return page), check the value and all other figures in the return are correct.

Do I need to add details to all fields in the royalty return in ROS?

You need to add details that are applicable for the return period you are lodging. Fields within the return may be left blank if there is no applicable details to add.

Remember: when entering a quantity amount in the return form, you must enter a corresponding value amount (and vice versa). If there is not a reportable amount, enter 0 (zero).

Can I change/edit a return that I have already submitted in ROS?

Yes, from the Return Summary page in ROS you are able to create a new revision of a previously submitted return yourself by simply clicking on the ‘Create New Revision’ button.

Does ROS allow me to print the completed return before I submit the return to Revenue NSW?

Yes, within ROS you may print the completed return before submitting it for lodgement. Once you have completed the return, select Show return and Print. Once you are ready to submit the return, select Submit. Refer to the User Guides for more detail.

Will information I provide be kept confidential?

Yes, any information provided by you and collected by Revenue NSW for the purpose of carrying out statutory obligations under the Mining Act 1992 will be protected at all times in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.


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