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Electronic duties for professionals

15 April 2020

COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation, so we're invoking our business continuity plan to ensure the safety of employees, customers and stakeholders, while maintaining effective business operations to support conveyancing.

Commencing Monday May 4, all complex assessing and refund applications must be lodged digitally through our eDuties service.

If you don't wish to use our digital services, engage a settlement agent to lodge matters on your behalf through eDuties, or assess them using our EDR service.

Information for industry professionals

.We offer industry professionals the online services of Electronic Duties Returns (EDR) and eDuties.

Firms wishing to apply for both services are only required to make an application for EDR.

Electronic Duties Returns (EDR)

  • Solicitors and conveyancers can self-assess transfer duty online and integrate with an Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO) for electronic settlements.
  • Accountants and financial advisors can self-assess discretionary trust deeds, family trust deeds, unit trust deeds and security trusts.

A list of transactions that must be processed on EDR can be found in the Duties document matrix

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eDuties is a portal that enables solicitors, conveyancers, accountants and financial advisors to lodge online, complex duties assessments or refunds that must be processed by us.

eDuties doesn't replace self-assessment of EDR transactions.

Note: If you're an existing EDR client, you must register for eDuties using your EDR Client ID.

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