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Land tax webinars

14 February 2020

We're holding a series of webinars about land tax in February and March.

Who should attend

These webinars are ideal for accountants, tax advisers, insurers, solicitors, conveyancers and anyone interested in knowing more about how land tax operates in NSW.

Topics covered

An overview

We'll explain how land tax is calculated, the current rates and thresholds, and talk a little about trusts, more common land tax exemptions and surcharge land tax. We'll also show you some of our online services.

Primary production land and other exemptions

We'll explain the primary production land exemption, as well as other exemptions available from land tax, such as those for boarding houses, retirement villages, childcare centres and charities.

Principal place of residence exemptions

We'll explain the principal place of residence exemption and who can claim it, and provide a more detailed explanation of the various concessions available to landowners. Situations include building a home, absences from your residence, using your residence for business purposes, deceased estates and more.


We'll explain the difference between fixed trusts and special trusts, and how land tax applies to each. We'll talk about different categories of trusts, including unit trusts, family trusts and trusts created by wills, and explain what you can do if you're unsure how land tax applies to your particular trust.

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24 February 202011:00 am - 11:30 amAn overviewRegister for this webinar
26 February 202011:00 am - 11:30 amPrimary production land and other exemptionsRegister for this webinar
2 March 202011:00 am - 11:40 amPrincipal place of residence exemptionRegister for this webinar
4 March 202011:00 am - 11:40 amTrustsRegister for this webinar