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If you are unable to attend one of our live webinars, we now offer recordings on the following topics:

You can also watch tutorials on reconciling your 2018 payroll tax.

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State revenue update

State revenue update 2018

31/07/18: This webinar covers recent changes and common mistakes relating to land tax, duties, surcharges, first home benefits, payroll tax and the small business grant.

Land tax

Land tax: Webinar 1: An overview

08/05/2018: This is the first webinar of our land tax series and gives an overview of how land tax operates in NSW. We will explain how land tax is calculated, the current rates and thresholds, we will talk a little about trusts and briefly go over the more common land tax exemptions and surcharge land tax. We will also show you some of our online services.

Land tax: Webinar 2: Principal place of residence exemption

115/05/2018: Part 2 of our land tax webinar series focuses on the exemption for principal place of residence. We will explain who can claim this exemption and we provide a more detailed explanation of the various concessions available to land owners. Situations include building a home, absences from your residence, using your residence for business purposes, deceased estates and much more.

Land tax: Webinar 3: Trusts

22/05/2018: Part 3 of our land tax series focuses on land held in trust. We explain the difference between fixed trusts and special trusts and how land tax applies to each. We will talk about different categories of trusts, including unit trusts, family trusts and trusts created by wills and explain what you can do if you are unsure how land tax applies to your particular trust.

Land tax: Webinar 4: Primary production land and other exemptions

29/05/2018: Our fourth part in our land tax series looks at the primary production land exemption as well as other exemptions available from land tax, such as those for boarding houses, retirement villages, child care centres and charities.

Land tax: Surcharge land tax and duties

20/03/2018: This webinar focuses on the surcharge purchaser duty and surcharge land tax for Foreign Persons. We will focus on the definitions of "foreign persons¿ and "residential land", as well as assessments and disclosure requirements.

Land tax: Joint ownership and secondary deductions

10/05/2018: We will explain how land tax is calculated for joint ownership and secondary deduction liability.


Duties: Deceased estates

30/04/2018: This webinar will address the requirements for a transfer of dutiable property to be stamped with concessional duty under the deceased estate provisions of the Act. It will also highlight circumstances where ad valorem duty will be payable.

Duties: Landholder duty: Part 1

17/05/2018: In this webinar, we will discuss the meaning of landholder, threshold value, land holdings and constructive ownership.

Duties: Landholder duty: Part 2

24/05/2018: In this webinar, we will discuss relevant acquisitions, the meaning of significant interest, how an interest may be acquired, and exemptions. We will also discuss the acquisition statements, the charging provisions.

Payroll tax

Payroll tax basics: When does it apply?

15/11/2017: This webinar is intended for those businesses whose wages may be approaching or just about to exceed the NSW payroll tax tax-free threshold. It provides a basic overview of how it's calculated and what wage types are liable. Information about grants and rebates are also be discussed.

Payroll tax questions & answers: Common mistakes

22/11/2017: This webinar is designed for tax payers or their representatives and looks at the common mistakes business make with Payroll Tax. When registering for this webinar you will be asked to provide a question which highlight issues you may have around fringe benefits, contractors, business groupings, directors payments and much more...

2018 Payroll tax annual reconciliation

29/06/2018: This webinar provides a guided demonstration of the 2018 Annual Reconciliation and an overview of NSW payroll tax liability, exemptions and rebates. We also provide an update regarding the changes a result of the NSW State Budget.

Payroll tax: Webinar 1: Admin processes and systems

31/08/2018: This webinar demonstrates features of our online services, including the monthly calculator for you to familiarise yourself.

Payroll tax: Webinar 2: Intro and the basics

07/09/2018: This webinar explores the fundamental concepts of payroll tax, including how it is calculated, the threshold deduction, what are liable wages and the various exemptions available.

Payroll tax: Webinar 3: Allowances and fringe benefits

14/09/2018: This webinar explains taxable allowances and the exemptions available for the accommodation and motor vehicle allowance. We also discuss how to declare the value of fringe benefits for payroll tax purposes.

Payroll tax: Webinar 4: The contractor provisions

22/09/2017: This webinar discusses the payroll tax contractor provisions, including the concept of determining if a worker is a contractor or an employee. We also discuss the three specific and six general exemptions for contractors, and what to declare if a contractor is liable for payroll tax purposes.

Payroll tax: Webinar 5: The grouping provisions

13/04/2018: This webinar discusses the payroll tax grouping provisions, including the rationale behind their introduction. We also cover the four ways a payroll tax group can be formed and discuss the Chief Commissioner's discretion to exclude a member from a group.

Payroll tax: Jobs Action Plan rebate

20/04/2018: This webinar explains how the Jobs Action Plan rebate works and when a job is eligible for the rebate. Recent changes to the scheme will also be discussed.

The Jobs Action Plan is designed to provide businesses with an incentive to employ and expand their enterprise in NSW. This rebate provides up to $6000 per new employee for payroll tax paying employers in NSW. Join this webinar to find out more.

Payroll tax: Lodgement and overview for new clients

06/09/2018: This webinar demonstrates how to use the online monthly calculator as well as providing a brief overview of liable wages, exemptions and rebates. This webinar is designed for newly registered payroll tax clients or those who are new to the position of calculating and remitting payroll tax.

Grants and benefits

First Home Benefits

23/05/2018: This webinar explains what you need to know about first home benefits schemes.

Small Business Grant

24/08/2018: This webinar explains how the Small Business Grant works and when an employer is eligible for the grant. The Small Business Grant is designed to provide businesses with an incentive to employ and increase their Full Time Equivalent numbers in NSW. Small businesses who are not liable for Payroll Tax can receive up to $2,000 for every new employee from 1 July 2015.

Mineral royalties

Minerals other than coal

29/11/2018: The webinar is in relation to minerals other than coal. In this webinar we discuss how minerals identified in Schedule 6 of the Mining Regulation 2016 (NSW) are taxed.

Last updated: 10 December 2018