Parking space levy

Annual return

The annual return has undergone improvements. If you have any problems using the new return please contact us.

This annual return covers your parking space details from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.

You must lodge your annual return by 1 September.

There are two options for paying your levy:

  1. in full by 1 September, or

  2. in four equal instalments (25% of the total levy is due by 1 September or on the due date indicated on your assessment).

If you elect to pay by instalments, we will issue you with an instalment notice before your next payment is due. Instalment payments are due by 1 December, 1 March and 1 June.

Information required

Please read the following information and ensure that you have all the necessary details before starting the online form.

Client details

  • your Client ID and Correspondence ID from your parking space levy annual letter

  • contact name and daytime phone number.

Parking space details

For parking spaces in category 1 areas and/or category 2 areas, provide details on:

  • total spaces

  • total exempt spaces

  • total liable spaces

  • total amount for unlet and unused spaces exemption (formally known as total concession amount).

Note: you must provide details on the reason for each exemption or concession claimed.

Property details

For each property owned:

  • street number, street name, suburb and postcode

  • SP or DP number (can be obtained from your land and council rate notice or Valuer General Notice of Valuation)

  • date acquired

  • total spaces, number of exempt spaces and number of liable spaces

  • reason for each exempt space.

Property sold

For each property sold since your last return:

  • street number, street name and suburb

  • SP or DP number

  • date sold and the purchaser's name.

Estimated time

If you have all the required information, it should take you about 15 minutes to complete and submit this form.

Printing a copy for your records

If you want to print a copy of your annual return, please select 'print' before you submit the return to Revenue NSW.


This online form does not allow you to save your work and come back at a later time to complete the return. If you decide to exit the form before completing it, you will need to start again.

Privacy statement

Information collected from you on this form is required by us to determine if you have a liability or entitlement. The information may be provided to third parties with your consent or as required or permitted by law. We will correct or update your personal information at your request.

For more information, visit the Privacy page.



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Last updated: 2 August 2018