Employers questionnaire

Please read the following information and ensure that you have all the necessary details before starting the online form.

Information required

Client information

  • your Client ID and Correspondence ID from your payroll tax notice of investigation correspondence

  • your ABN or ARBN

  • business address details

  • contact name and daytime telephone number.

Business records

  • Employee and management payroll reports

  • Year-end superannuation reports for employees and directors

  • Balance sheets (with notes), trading and detailed profit and loss statements

  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) returns

  • General ledger account reports detailing payments made to contractors or subcontractors engaged by the business.

    Note: it will be useful for you to sort the report for each year by subcontractor name
  • Confirmation letter from State Training Services NSW regarding the approval of any apprenticeships or traineeships for employees you wish to claim a payroll rebate.

  • Details of shareholders, directors and beneficiaries of the business and their interest in other businesses or entities, if applicable.


Download a copy of the Employers Questionnaire and save it to your computer system by entering your Client ID and Correspondence ID in the login box below.

Once completed, you will need to log in and upload the questionnaire along with the records listed below:

  • Balance sheets, trading and detailed profit and loss statements for each year subject to investigation.

    Note: If the financial statements of the business have not been finalised for any period a “draft copy” will be acceptable.
  • FBT returns for each year subject to investigation.

  • Any other relevant documents or information.

If the business is a member of a group for payroll tax, copies of the above records for all group members need to also be uploaded.

Estimated time

If you have all the required information, it should take you about 30 minutes to complete and submit this form online.

Privacy statement

Information collected from you on this form is required by us to determine if you have a liability or entitlement. The information may be provided to third parties with your consent or as required or permitted by law. We will correct or update your personal information at your request.

For more information, visit the Privacy page.


Client ID/Correspondence ID login

You can login using your Client ID and Correspondence ID from your notice of investigation correspondence.

Last updated: 25 October 2017