Register for Electronic Duties Returns

Electronic Duties Returns (EDR) is a service that allows an ‘approval holder’ (approved person) to electronically assess and endorse a range of duties transactions, and pay duty by way of a periodic remittance.

Approval Holder - A person to whom an approval is given for a special tax return arrangement under the Taxation Administration Act 1996 (TAA).

Under the TAA, the Chief Commissioner may give approval for a special arrangement for the lodging of returns and payment of tax to the following:

  • a specified taxpayer
  • a specified agent or other person on behalf of a specified taxpayer, a specified class of taxpayers or taxpayers for whom that agent or other person is authorised to act, or
  • any other specified person who is a party to a transaction or class of transactions in respect of which a liability of tax arises.

EDR online

If you are registered for EDR you can:

  • confirm the calculation of duty and interest payable on a Duties Notice of Assessment
  • view a Return Period Invoice of all endorsed transactions online
  • reduce your time and administration costs
  • control all instruments at all times, as they do not leave your premises
  • improve your customers service by delivering fast and efficient services.
  • access a simplified settlement process.

Please read the following and ensure that have all the necessary information required before proceeding.

Information required

You will need:

You will need to have engaged an approved Client Service Provider (CSP) prior to completing the EDR online registration, and you must read the Directions for Using the Electronic Duties Returns in its entirety before submitting your online registration.

Estimated time

If you have the necessary information, it should take you approximately 7 minutes to complete and submit this form online.


This online form does not allow you to save your details and come back at a later stage to complete and submit the form. If you decide to exit before completing, you will need to start again.


  • The declaration must be completed by the ‘approval holder’.
  • The declaration is to be in the format of JPEG,Word or PDF.

Email verification

You will receive a request to verify your email address after submitting your registration. Please complete this within 24 hours to allow us to process your registration application.

Last updated: 25 October 2017