Payroll Tax Act 2007

For the Payroll Tax Act these changes effect:

Exemption for charitable bodies

The amendment clarifies an exemption from payroll tax that currently applies to wages paid by any non-profit organisation that has a wholly charitable, benevolent, philanthropic or patriotic purpose so that it applies to wages paid by a non-profit organisation that has as its sole or dominant purpose a charitable, benevolent, philanthropic or patriotic purpose.

Grouping provisions

The amendment removes a provision that requires trustee companies to be grouped together as related bodies corporate for payroll tax purposes.

The amendment also modifies the grouping provisions in the Payroll Tax Act 2007 so that when 2 or more members of a group, when considered together, have a controlling interest in a business, all the members of the group and the person or persons who carry on the business will together constitute a group.

Other amendments

Changes to the legislation will correct the various formulae used for calculating annual payroll tax liability to recognise that leap years will contain an extra day to other years.

Last updated: 17 September 2013