First Home Owner Grant Act 2000

For the First Home Owner Grant Act these changes effect:

Grant for building of home on land owner by another or purchase of manufactured home

The amendment allows the first home owner grant to be claimed, in certain circumstances, in the following situations:

  1. where a person builds a home on land owned by another (and has the permission of the owner of the land to occupy it after completion), including where the home is attached to another dwelling,

  2. where a person purchases a manufactured home and installs it on land owned by another but which the person has a right to occupy under a lease, licence or other arrangement.

The Amendment removes the requirement for the owner of the land to be a party to the first home owner grant application in circumstances referred to above.

The new provisions replace current provisions of the Act that give the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue a discretion to approve a grant (in cases where land is not owned by the applicant) in particular cases.

Small interest holders

The amendment will allow a person to qualify for the grant even if a small interest in the land is held by another person or persons (up to a 5% ownership share) and the other person or persons have previously owned land (for example, where a parent of the applicant takes a small share in the land in order to assist with financing).

Proceedings for offences

The amendment extends, from 2 to 3 years, the period during which proceedings for an offence under the Act must be taken.

Last updated: 31 October 2013