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Electronic Duties Return (EDR)

SAI Global

SAI Global is the leading provider of property and business information, and settlement-related services, in Australia, including:

  • A range of property searching and certificates from all of the land registries and councils within Australia.
  • Specialised workflow software for managing conveyancing activities through Conveyancing Manager with integrated property information through Search Manager.
  • Settlement bookings with SAI Global integrated banks and legal representatives can be made and managed through Settlement Manager.
  • Other settlement related services including manual or old law searches, stamping and registrations, settlement booking and attendance, document and packet management.

They provide local expertise and standardised, quality assured, national processes, which means a lower cost base and consistent customer service.

With attendance at over 500,000 settlements, delivery of over 7 million search requests to over 8,000 businesses per year, SAI Global is a trusted and established partner for businesses involved in the property life cycle.

SAI Global offers the very best online EDR experience with Search Manager

Complicated menus, hidden features and tricky interfaces are not acceptable in this day and age. Search Manager presents all information in a logical graphical user interface designed with simplicity and practicality as a focus.

Search Manager brings together a vast range of quality Property and Business information services into a single web based interface and allows for the gathering of National information through a single source specifically designed to facilitate the easy management of disbursements, charges and results.

It's all about service

SAI Global focus on innovation and development is second to none, but the hidden secret to our success and longevity is their focus on customer service and the accuracy of their work. Their certificate proofing service and friendly experienced team of Help Desk staff are the diamonds in the technological crown. They understand how important it is to get things right the first time and when you put your faith in SAI Global Property to deliver, you trust your client’s satisfaction with them. This is a covenant they take seriously.

How to register

To register for a SAI Global account or for more information on products and services, please visit their website or call their National Helpdesk to arrange a discussion with an Account Manager.

Contact details

SAI Global has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.


1300 730 000


02 8208 9963
PO Box A2151
Sydney South NSW 1235
DX 885 Sydney
Level 3
60 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000


03 9672 4333
03 9672 4300
PO Box 1884R
Melbourne VIC 3001
DX 442 Melbourne
Level 20
535 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Last updated: 12 September 2017