Electronic Duties Returns

Electronic Duties Return (EDR)

From 9 October 2017, surcharge purchaser duty transactions can be processed on the Revenue NSW Electronic Duties Return (EDR) system.

The interim arrangement for processing surcharge purchaser duty is no longer available.

The duties document matrix has been updated to show all EDR document types which have a potential surcharge purchaser duty liability.

Revenue NSW will not accept documents that can be processed on EDR at the counter or through the mail.

Electronic Duties Returns (EDR) is a service that allows an approval holder (approved person) to electronically assess and endorse a range of duties transactions, and pay duty by weekly remittance.

An approved person (EDR client) sends information to Revenue NSW through a Client Service Provider (CSP).

Where can I find a list of documents that must be processed on EDR?

The duties document matrix identifies a list of transactions that can be processed on EDR and a general list of transactions that must be lodged with Revenue NSW.

Why should I use EDR?

By using EDR you can:

  • confirm the calculation of duty and interest payable on a duties notice of assessment
  • view a return period invoice of all endorsed transactions online
  • reduce your time and administration costs
  • control all instruments at all times, as they do not need to leave your premises
  • improve your customer service by delivering fast and efficient services
  • access a simplified settlement process.

When is EDR available?

EDR is available:

  • Monday to Friday, 7.00am to 11.00pm
  • Saturday, 7.00am to 2.00pm.

You receive instant confirmation enabling you to endorse documents.

How do I apply to become an EDR client?

To become an EDR client, you should:

  1. Engage an approved CSP.

  2. Download Directions for using Electronic Duties Returns for a full explanation on how to use EDR and the functions available.

  3. Register for EDR online.

    Note: the Chief Commissioner may approve or reject any application.

  4. Complete EDR online training.

    If your application is approved, you will receive an email from Revenue Academy, Revenue NSW’s online learning platform, with login details to access EDR online training. You are required to complete this training in order to progress your application.

    Visit the Revenue Academy website to complete your training.

    Note: Prior to the training, ensure your CSP system is operational.

How to change your details?

As an EDR approval holder, you are responsible for ensuring that your contact details with Revenue NSW are up to date.

You can change your details online.

Approved Client Service Providers and settlement rooms

Approved settlement rooms provide over the counter stamping facilities.

Last updated: 16 July 2018