e-Conveyancing NSW


e-Conveyancing provides users an online interface to lodge and settle property transactions.

The interface will allow:

  • participants involved in the transaction to view and complete the documents (for example, real property transfers and mortgages)
  • the electronic settlement of all financial transactions at a nominated date including settlement monies (for example, duties, taxes and any other disbursement)
  • the lodgement of Land and Property Information documents to register changes in property ownership and interests.

Property Exchange Australia

Property Exchange Australia Limited (originally known as National e-Conveyancing Development Limited) was formed in 2010 to fulfil a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agenda item to deliver a national electronic conveyancing solution to the Australian property industry.

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) is a national platform that allows industry participants to electronically settle property transactions, lodge land registry documents and pay all financial disbursements.

The PEXA platform became fully functional in NSW on 10 November 2014, with the first NSW settlement completed on 24 November 2014.

For more information, visit the PEXA website.

Revenue NSW and PEXA

The Electronic Duties Return (EDR) service has been enhanced to allow our clients to  seamlessly integrate with the PEXA platform. EDR clients that are also PEXA subscribers will now be able to electronically:

  • assess documents with Revenue NSW
  • settle transactions through PEXA
  • pay duty and other financial disbursements from the PEXA Financial Settlement Summary
  • lodge their registrable documents with Land and Property Information.

For more information on the most recent changes to EDR, please see the news article.

The benefits of using our enhanced EDR Service include:

  • Integration with e-Conveyancing platforms (eg PEXA)
  • Electronic payment options
  • Control all documents as they do not need to leave your premises
  • Reduce your time and administration costs
  • Improve your client service by delivering fast and efficient services.

PEXA and Revenue NSW verification service

A verification service is conducted between PEXA and Revenue NSW to confirm the Revenue NSW Reference Number is correct and the transaction data entered in PEXA (parties, properties and consideration) is included in the Revenue NSW assessment information.

The verification service is triggered when the PEXA subscriber enters the Revenue NSW Reference Number into the PEXA workspace. When a verification is successful Revenue NSW will automatically populate the PEXA Financial Summary with the duty payable (if any) and Revenue NSW payment reference information.

If the verification is unsuccessful Revenue NSW will return an error message. How to correct a verification error is detailed in the e-Conveyancing – Error Resolution Guide.

To correct an Revenue NSW Duties Assessment error you must email Revenue NSW the e-Conveyancing – Error Resolution Form (ODA 073) together withall required supporting evidence.


If you have any enquiries about e-Conveyancing and Revenue NSW, please contact us:

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Last updated: 31 July 2017