Quick payment

Quick Payment

Act now to avoid extra costs.

To pay your unpaid ambulance fee, please log in to:

To pay your other government fees, please log in to:

To pay your fine:

Note: A 0.4 per cent card payment fee is automatically applied to all payments made with a credit card. All credit card payments are made through a secure Westpac link. We accept payments up to $50,000.

Unauthorised use of someone else's credit card is a serious offence and can carry a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

To make a quick payment on your fine or fee, choose from the following options:

By phone

Phone1300 130 112 (international clients can call +61 2 9087 7917)

We accept Mastercard or Visa. Your payment reference number is:

  • the penalty notice number shown at the top of your Penalty Notice or Penalty Reminder Notice, or
  • the reference number shown in the 'how to pay' section.

To ensure your payment is processed overnight you must pay before 6.00pm Monday to Friday.


BPAYContact your bank or financial institution to make a payment using BPAY.

You need the following information:

  • biller code (36848 for penalty notices or biller code 198788 for overdue fines)
  • your payment reference number - if you can't locate the payment reference number on your notice, log in to myPenalty or contact us on 1300 138 118 for penalty notices and 1300 655 805 for overdue fines.

We no longer accept credit card payments through BPAY. If you wish to pay by credit card, call 1300 130 112 (international clients call +61 2 9087 7951) or use our online services.

You can only make BPAY payments from overseas if the payment is made via an Australian financial institution who participates in the BPAY Scheme.

To ensure your payment is processed overnight you must pay before 3.30pm Monday to Friday. After this time the transaction can take 2 working days to process. When we receive your BPAY payment is dependent on your financial institution or bank.

Other payment options

For more payment options, choose the type of fine or fee you received:

Contact us if you need a copy of your fine or fee.

Last updated: 29 November 2018