Work and development order exceptional circumstances application

The information provided is for approved Work and Development Order (WDO) sponsors.

When should I use the Exceptional Circumstances Application?

You should use the Exceptional Circumstances Application if the applicant:

  • does not receive an eligible Centrelink benefit
  • is a member of a household with a combined income above the thresholds listed in the WDO Guidelines
  • is in acute economic hardship because of exceptional circumstances.

For more information, refer to Clause 5.5 of the WDO Guidelines.

What are some examples of exceptional circumstances?

Exceptional circumstances may include:

  • the applicant has significant and unavoidable expenses, for example, large medical bills
  • the applicant does not have access to the household income, for example, the person is in a domestically violent relationship
  • the applicant is a young person and does not have access to household income.

What information should I submit with the application?

You should submit information that supports your claim that the person is experiencing exceptional circumstances. You may include:

  • recent pay slips or proof of income
  • a recent Centrelink income statement
  • recent bank, loan and credit card statements
  • evidence of significant unavoidable expenses, for example, medical or other bills
  • a statement describing domestic circumstances
  • any other information which demonstrates the person’s hardship or exceptional circumstances.
Last updated: 21 December 2017