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Guide to completing the work and development order report

Note: Providing a false or deliberately misleading statement may lead to prosecution under Section 307A of the Crimes Act 1900.

Work and Development Order number

This is the nine digit number starting with ‘8’ that appears on the top right hand side of the Work and Development Order (WDO).

Report type

You must select one report type as follows:

Monthly progress

Select this if you are submitting a progress report and the WDO will be continuing.


Select this if the client has failed to comply with the conditions of the WDO. Revenue NSW will cancel the WDO.


If the client has completed all activities required for the WDO.

Client details

If the client’s details have changed since the WDO was issued by Revenue NSW, please complete as appropriate.

WDO hours completed

Note: Must be whole hours and breaks not to be included. Must be approved activities as detailed in the WDO contract.

Approved organisations and health practitioners are required to report to Revenue NSW monthly, on the progress of each active WDO under their supervision. These reports must detail the number of hours of activities deemed satisfactorily completed by clients (or conversely where no activities have been completed for that month).

If zero hours completed but client continuing enter '0' and submit report.

If the client does not complete the required hours as per the WDO (e.g. is sick), please provide details.


This section must be completed if the client has failed to comply with the conditions of the WDO. Provide the number of hours (if any) completed since last report. This will result in the WDO being cancelled.

At this time, the client should indicate how they propose to address any outstanding amount of fines which were not satisfied by the WDO.


This section must be completed if the client has completed all activities required under the WDO.


The approved organisation representative/health practitioner must submit the report via the self service portal.

Last updated: 9 July 2018