Debt partnerships

Working with debt collection agencies to resolve overdue fines

Since March 2012, Revenue NSW has been working with external debt collection agencies to assist with the recovery of overdue fines debt. This is a NSW Government initiative to reduce the amount of money owing for unpaid fines.

Currently there are five agencies participating in the program:

  • Australian Receivables Limited (ARL)
  • Baycorp
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • National Credit Management Limited (NCML)
  • Recoveries Corp

These agencies have strong experience in working with government , as well as a national presence and demonstrated debt resolution capabilities.

What will the agencies do?

The external debt collection agencies will attempt to engage with customers that have overdue fines. Their primary debt recovery actions will include:

  • attempting to locate customers and make contact with them via phone, SMS, written and electronic correspondence, or field visits
  • talking to customers about their options to repay the debt in full or establishing a payment arrangement
  • liaising with the dedicated Revenue NSW team to resolve more complex matters, and reviewing the capacity of a customer to pay their fines where hardship is identified
  • referring customers who wish to make payments from their Centrelink benefits or by Direct Debit to the Revenue NSW team who will set up these arrangements.

The agencies operate under strict industry guidelines to ensure that their debt recovery actions do not cause undue stress to customers. More information can be found in the Debt Collection Guidelines for Collectors and Creditors on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website.

Will customers be making payments to the collection agency?

No. Agencies are not permitted to receive payments and must not ask customers to pay them directly. All payments should be made to the Revenue NSW using the established payment options. Agency letters will contain a payment slip that has details supplied by the Revenue NSW. Collection agency staff, including field agents, can also assist customers to make credit card payments directly to the Revenue NSW.

A limited trial commenced in late 2017 to recover overdue NSW Fines Debt from customers residing outside Australia. These customers may be asked to make payments in their local currency to an overseas agency working with our Debt Partners. Funds are then remitted to Revenue NSW and credited against their overdue fines. If there is any doubt as to the validity of contact from an overseas agency on our behalf customers should contact Revenue NSW as detailed below.

Have the debts been 'sold' to the agencies?

No. Fines debt will not be 'sold' to the agencies. The agencies will operate in a partnership arrangement with the Revenue NSW to increase our current capacity to locate and contact customers and resolve outstanding fines debt.

What if I have concerns about the agency that contacted me?

If you have any concerns about your contact from an external debt collection agency you can call us or fill in our enquiry form.


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