Advocacy groups

We are committed to assisting vulnerable clients to deal with their fines. If you are an advocate acting on behalf of a vulnerable client, you can register with us and work with us to help them.

How can I find information about the Advocacy hotline?

For information about the Advocacy Hotline, download the Advocacy hotline for information about clients with fines.

To use the Advocacy Hotline you must first register with us.

How can I help my clients?

The best way to help your clients is to follow these steps:

  • Ask if they have fines, letting them know that being honest about this will really help.

  • Get in touch with us as soon as you can. If we do not have information that lets us know a client may be vulnerable, serious enforcement action is likely to be initiated against them.

  • Make clients aware of the various options available to them.

  • Apply for leniency on their behalf, where appropriate.

What options are there to help vulnerable clients?

The following options are available to vulnerable clients:

With your client's consent, you can also use myEnforcement Order to set up an affordable payment plan, check the balance of overdue fines or dispute a voting fine.


What is the Work and Development Order scheme?

The WDO scheme allows vulnerable people to meet their fine obligations by doing unpaid work for charitable and community organisations, or by participating in certain treatment or education. For more information, refer to the Work and development order factsheet.

You may be eligible to support the scheme by overseeing the activities or treatment of a client. For more information, go to the Work and Development Order sponsor page.

How do I order brochures?

Brochures are a great way to get your clients talking about their fines. Revenue NSW produces easy to understand brochures letting fine recipients know about the options they have. You can order these brochures online.

You can also order Work and Development Order resources from Legal Aid NSW including brochures, posters and DVDs. To view and order these resources, visit the Legal Aid website.

Last updated: 30 July 2017