Frequent questions

Why is Revenue NSW contacting me for an ambulance fee?

Ambulance NSW has engaged Revenue NSW to recover outstanding ambulance fees on their behalf. You would have previously been issued with an invoice by Ambulance NSW for services rendered and a reminder debt notice advising the amount that remains overdue or you have not provided them with payment exemption details.

Why have I received an overdue ambulance fees notice?

You have now been issued with an unpaid ambulance fees notice, as you have not paid your reminder debt notice within the due date. An additional $65 debt recovery cost has been added to the outstanding amount. To avoid further debt recovery action and costs, please ensure payment is made by the due date or contact us to discuss your options.

How do I know if I am exempt from paying this account?

Some ambulance services are provided free of charge to people who fall into the following categories, provided, they were in receipt of a benefit entitlement at the time of receiving ambulance services.

Concession card holders

  • Health Care Concession Card holder
  • Pensioner Concession Card holder
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Card holder
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holder.

Cover for concession card holders is provided for:

  • Ambulance services in New South Wales
  • Emergency ambulance services for all other states or territories.

If you are holder of a concession card, you will be required to provide your concession card number to the Revenue NSW by contacting us.

I don't agree with these charges, how do I request a review?

If you have a query relating to the charges for your ambulance account, you need to contact us immediately to resolve this matter.

Will Medicare cover ambulance costs?

Medicare does not cover ambulance costs. The person treated by paramedics (i.e. the patient) or the parent of a child being treated is responsible for paying any fees associated with their treatment and/or transport, regardless of whether or not they were the individual who requested an ambulance.

I have private health fund membership, am I covered?

The major private health funds offer 'ambulance only' products and in New South Wales members pay an 'ambulance levy' as part of their basic hospital cover. Persons with /or considering this form of insurance are advised to check with their health fund to find out exactly what coverage is provided.

For further information on exemptions for ambulance fees go to NSW Ambulance.

Last updated: 29 November 2018