Ambulance fees

If you have been issued with an Unpaid Ambulance Fees notice, you have an outstanding Ambulance fee. An additional $65 debt recovery cost has been added to the outstanding amount.

Select one of the following options to stop debt recovery action:

You can use myAmbulanceFees to make a payment, check the balance and lodge an exemption for your Ambulance fee.

If you believe the information on your notice is incorrect, contact us.

If you do not pay or finalise your Unpaid Ambulance Fee notice, we will apply debt recovery actions. For each debt recovery action imposed, an debt recovery cost of $65 is added to the fee.

Example of an overdue ambulance fee notice

Other government fees

Revenue NSW has been authorised to recover outstanding debts on behalf of NSW Government agencies for fees and services. These services include council rates, council licences, utility fees, health service fees, land leases, education fees and any other services where a charge is incurred.

The recovery of these fees allows the NSW Government to continue providing essential services and infrastructure for NSW and its citizens.

We are currently working with Fair Trading and SIRA.

If you wish to lodge a request for a review or dispute or to query a fee, please contact us.

You can use myFees to make a payment on your fee.

Debt recovery actions include

Garnishee order to your employer

This requires your employer to deduct money from your wages to pay the outstanding ambulance fee.

For employers

An employer garnishee order is a legal document issued by us requiring employers to deduct money from an individual's wage or salary.

If you are an employer and have received a garnishee order from us, action it immediately. You can provide your response through the Employer Garnishee Order Self Service portal using the information received on the garnishee order.

Do not ignore the garnishee order. If you fail to comply with the order, you may be summoned to appear in court to explain why you should not be liable for the amount owed.

Note: providing false or misleading information to Revenue NSW may result in legal prosecution.

Garnishee order to your bank

This requires your bank to deduct money from your account to pay the outstanding ambulance fee.

Property seizure order

This allows the Sheriff to enter your home or workplace and seize goods belonging to you for auction to pay the outstanding ambulance fee.

Examination summons

We can issue you with a summons to attend court where one of our representatives will examine your financial circumstances to determine any future action for you to pay the outstanding fee.

Charge on land

The charge will prevent you from selling your property until you pay the outstanding ambulance fee.


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Last updated: 5 December 2018