Your written off fines now need to be paid

Why have my written off fines been reinstated?

In the past Revenue NSW has sent you several notices about your overdue fines but we were unable to make contact.

In some cases, where all our efforts to locate and contact you have been unsuccessful, we may cancel the action being taken to recover your fines and write off the debt.

For a period of five years after a debt is written off we keep trying to find new information that will help us contact you. We do this by comparing our records to those held by other New South Wales government departments and credit reporting agencies.

The debt can be reinstated if we receive new information that helps us to make contact with you or if you have a new overdue fine notice issued.

Do I still need to pay these fines?

Yes. As long as we reinstate the overdue fines debt within five years of it being written off you are required to pay. If you don’t make arrangements with us to resolve the debt we will take further action to recover the debt.

How do I pay these fines?

When we reinstate a written off fine we also send a statement that tells you about all your overdue fines and explains the ways you can make payments.

If you can’t pay the amount owing in full you can set up a payment plan to pay the fines off by instalments. We also have other options available if you are in hardship to help you resolve the debt.

If you don’t have a current statement handy or would like to discuss other ways we can help you repay your fines contact us.

What if I do not agree with the fines?

If you have been prevented from dealing with these fines previously you may, in certain circumstances, be able to ask for these fines to be reviewed in court. A $50 application fee may apply.

For more information on your options to dispute overdue fines. Alternatively contact us to discuss your options.


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