Victims Restitution Order

Why have I received a Victims Restitution Order?

Restitution proceedings were commenced against you to recover an award for financial support and/or recognition payment paid to a victim of an act of violence that you were convicted of. As a result of these proceedings, a Victims Restitution Order (VRO) was granted.

Failure to pay the amount ordered has resulted in the commencement of enforcement action.

When was the Victims Restitution Order made?

Your overdue fines notice lists both the date of offence along with the date the restitution fine was imposed.

The date of the court conviction relating to the offence is not listed on the notice.

I have already served my sentence for this offence through the criminal proceedings

The VRO is a civil process and is separate from the criminal proceedings. Where a victim is injured as a result of an act of violence, they are entitled to apply for financial support and/or recognition payment.

I have already paid the Victims Support Levy for this offence, why do I have to pay again?

A person who is convicted of an offence is liable to pay a Victims Support Levy (previously Victims Compensation Levy). This levy is not administered by Victims Services and does not relate to these restitution proceedings. Enquiries regarding the levy can be made to the court in which you were convicted.

Can I still contact Victims Services to negotiate my debt?

No. As you did not contact or make a payment to Victims Services within 28 days of being informed of your debt, this has resulted in your debt being transferred to Revenue NSW for commencement of enforcement action.

What are my options?

Do not ignore your overdue fines notice.

You must pay your overdue fines notice in full or contact Revenue NSW prior to the due date otherwise Revenue NSW will commence enforcement action without further notice. This includes:

  • cancelling or suspending your driver licence or your vehicle registration
  • deducting money from your bank account or wages
  • authorising the Sheriff to seize your goods or property
  • placing a charge on any land or property you own.

Further costs associated with enforcement action will also be added.

Pay in full

Revenue NSW offers a number of payment options to pay your overdue fine in full.

Payment details are located at the bottom of your overdue fines notice.

Pay by instalments

If you are unable to pay in full, Revenue NSW may allow you to pay your overdue fines notice by instalments. An application may be required and you may be asked to provide supporting documentation to substantiate any request made.

Applications can be obtained by contacting us.

Can I apply for a reduction in the amount of the VRO?

You may still have the option to make an offer to settle your restitution debt by offering a lesser amount. Specific considerations including your financial circumstances and any other relevant issues are taken into account, however you will need to contact us to discuss any offer.

There may be other options available for you to satisfy your debt by non-monetary means. However, these are subject to strict eligibility considerations.

Apply for a review

There are no options for review. Under Section 66 of the Victims Rights and Support Act 2013, any application for review must have been made within 60 days after the issue of the VRO.

For legal information and in some cases advice contact LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529.

Last updated: 30 July 2017