Roads and Maritime Services restrictions

If you don't pay or finalise your overdue fine by the due date we will direct the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to apply restrictions to help recover outstanding fines. A $40 RMS cost may be added to your overdue fine for each restriction.

If you don't pay or finalise the overdue fine we will take further enforcement action by applying civil sanctions, including property seizure, garnishee of wages or bank accounts, and issuing an examination summons.

How can I get my restrictions lifted?

Once we receive payment for all outstanding overdue fines or a Work and Development Order is approved we will direct RMS to lift your restriction. Contact the RMS before driving to confirm your restriction has been lifted.

In very specific circumstances, we have the discretion to lift a restriction while fines are outstanding or being paid by instalments. Read Lifting NSW Roads and Maritime Services sanctions prior to unpaid fines being paid in full policy for details.

What types of restrictions can be applied?

An RMS restriction can include:

  • driver licence suspension - you can't drive any vehicle while your licence is suspended
  • vehicle registration cancellation - your vehicle can no longer be driven on the road
  • customer business restriction - you are unable to do business with RMS.
Last updated: 30 July 2017