Scam alert

We are aware of an email, phone and mail scam related to fines. More information                                                                                                

Scam alert: 11 March 2015


Land tax scam

OSR is aware of an email scam targeting land tax clients.

The emails refer to a penalty tax of between 13 to 85 per cent and include a link titled ‘Interest details’ that leads to a fake but convincing OSR page.

By opening the link, you could potentially corrupt and infect your computer with a CryptoLocker virus, with a ransom demanded from the scammers to unlock your files.

If you receive an email that is not from an official OSR email address, do not open any links and just delete it. OSR emails end in ''

An example of the email scam:

Land Tax Scam

Last updated: 20 February 2017