Corporate information

Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance are those high level processes and behaviours that ensure an organisation performs by achieving its intended purpose, and conforms by complying with all relevant laws, codes and directions and meets community expectations of probity, accountability and transparency. We have adopted a Corporate Governance Framework based on a 'lighthouse model' (adapted from the Audit Office) to meet these expectations.

Executive structure

Stephen Brady

Deputy Secretary, Department of Finance, Services & Innovation

Chief Commissioner of State Revenue
Commissioner of Fines Administration

Cullen Smythe

Executive Director, Technical and Advisory Services

Kelly Wood

Executive Director, Products, Service and Compliance

Liz Botha

Director, Business Development and Commissioning

Mark White

Executive Director, Collections

Alexander Stuke

Executive Director, Strategy and Business Performance

VInce Di Chiara

Executive Director, Business Technology Services

Code of conduct

Our staff our bound by our Code of Conduct, which helps staff:

  • understand expected standards of conduct and behaviour
  • maintain our integrity and reputation
  • comply with relevant laws and policies
  • decide how to deal with ethical problems.
Last updated: 17 October 2016